Bruce Taymore

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Boston Yacht Sales Broker
Team Member since 2007

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Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) from Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA)
Member, Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA)
Member, Massachusetts Marine Trades Association
Member, Cape Cod Marine Trades Assocation

Bio In Brief:

We love that Bruce still likes to tell the story of how he ended up at BYS. "I joined Boston Yacht Sales because of their great reputation and product lines but there was some history I also could not ignore. I bought my first boat from Gerry Myers, Michael's dad and founder of the company. It was a 16' Boston Whaler, which I'd saved for and and bought the day after I got my driver's license. I towed that boat behind my car all over New England. When I went in to trade it for a bigger boat, hoping I could get a larger Whaler, Gerry thought I'd done so much boating I should start staying onboard. I ended up with a 30' Egg Harbor at a great price and I lived on that boat all summer."

Born in Newton, MA, Bruce spent summers in Maine and in later years, boating from Maine to Cape Cod and the Islands. After graduation, he ran the family trucking business for years, but always spent his free time boating and selling brokerage boats. In 2006 he retired to sell what he loves even more than trucks - boats.

Bruce has owned seven Convertible/ Sportfish and several runabouts, sometimes living on them all year long in Boston Harbor.  He lived onboard year round from 1975-1991, with his wife Sarah joining him in 1988.  When they began a family, they decided it might be nice to have something on land for the winter. They found the perfect spot, and just a short walk away from their boat in the North End. 

The family continued to live on their 50' Post Keep on Truckin on the Boston waterfront half the year and the other half on land in the North End. Their sons were competitive freestyle skiers and competed in the Junior Olympics in Steamboat CO. Both boys have now finished college, moved out and are charting their next course. Bruce has always had a trusted dog by his side, on land and sea. Many in the boating community mourned the loss of Gus, and then Fin - but we all remember them fondly and now everyone can dote on Ullr,  who is Bruce's newest man's best friend.

Bruce understands and is passionate about every aspect of boating because it is his favorite thing to do. He is a designated Hatteras Champion at Boston Yacht Sales, a graduate of Hatteras University and has received numerous awards and recognitions from all our manufacturers and from Boston Yacht Sales. He talks boats 24/7 but as Sarah said " since he retired from the trucking industry and went into the boating industry he comes home every night smiling."  When the snow flies, the family adds skiing to their calendar, and are active participants and sponsors in many charity events, both on the water and the mountain.

During boating season in the Northeast, Bruce is constantly seen boating and fishing and is always happy to share information and knowledge gained from his most recent adventure. If he's not at the helm, he's tinkering or fixing something on his boat or a friend's boat. He puts much energy into finding the right boat for you by getting to know you, your experiences and dreams. There's a lot to chat with Bruce about whenever you're ready to move to a different boat or buy your first one! 


Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Bruce and Fin heading home
Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Sarah Taymore, with Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker
Bruce Taymore, BostonYacht Sales Broker