Boat Shows 2019

The New England Boat Show runs Feb 9-17 and our display includes the Back Cove 34o – winner of the 2018 Newport International Boat Shows Best New Powerboat Under 35 feet AND winner of the show’s annual People’s Choice Award displayed alongside the Back Cove 32 and a Sabre Yachts 38SE. Plus we will have all the news on Back Cove and Sabre Yachts, our select used boat listings and will be ready to take your listing to sell your boat. Owner Michael Myers will be there along with our great team of brokers Scott Lucas, Bruce Taymore, Joyce Richards, Andrew Savage and Curt Jessup. For a VIP appointment at the show, call your favorite Boston Yacht broker or owner/broker Michael at 781-264-5474. The show will also mark the launch of our new logo, signage, web site and more! Come see us at the show and let’s chat boating and destinations!

The Miami Yacht Show runs Feb 14 – 19  will be located at the 1 Herald Plaza site, located between the Venetian and MacArthur Causeways in Downtown Miami. For more information on this exceptional new venue including show hours and tickets, visit

What’s the best way to enjoy either boat show? Here’s a handy checklist and if you have any additions, whether a seasoned boater or a newcomer, don’t hesitate to send them to us at [email protected] so we can include them in upcoming boat show blogs: every suggestion helps make the experience better for all of us. We suggest considering the following:

RIGHT? LEFT? Which direction? Do your homework before arriving. The major boat shows all have an official web page complete with everything you need to know about arrival, directions, parking, exhibitor lists and more. Here’s the link for Boston and Miami

Use the guide to find the displays you are interested in and save wasted steps by making a general plan before arrival. If you know there are specific brands you are interested in, or want to shop a show with your Boston Yacht broker, contact Michael Myers and make a VIP appointment 781-264-5474. He’ll match you with a broker from our team who’ll help you buy or sell!

24 HOURS OR….. after making your game plan, do you want to see it in one day? Or would you like to absorb what you learned the first day, and have a second – or third day – to return? Check out the area for dining, lodging and multi day passes.

NEW? PRE OWNED? TYPE? Ask yourself some questions before arrival: bounce ideas around with family members, friends or one of our brokers. Many can narrow a search before arriving. Do you want a day boat or an overnight boat? Staying onboard for a few days or a few weeks? How many guests will you usually have onboard? For day or overight? Galley up, mid level or galley down? Do you enjoy water sports or fishing; want sun and shade options…make some notes and THEN be open to answering questions from our brokers AND to consider the options they might present. A good broker has resources and experiences to help you make the best choice and should offer good questions for you to consider.

SHOES: Comfort & Style & Easy Off
*Comfort is key because you will be doing a lot of walking on different surfaces that may include stairs, streets,
docks, ramps, shuttles, water taxis and more.
**Easy Off: you will be taking your shoes on and off all day to board and view various yachts, so think of what style would work best for you. Lacing and unlacing sneakers works for some, but irritates others. If you won’t be comfortable in bare feet, some wear socks, bring slippers they only use for boarding or slip on shoe covers.
***Heel alert! There are often spaces between docks and steep ramps depending on tide so flats or wedges usually work better than heels. Some bring an extra pair of shoes to change into if planning on a long day and into evening, or want a dressier sandal for evening events.

SHADE 1, 2 & 3: Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Shade No one wants to leave the show with a sunburn, or a headache from squinting in the sun ( or even a cloudy day can bring a sunburn) no one wants to leave early from the heat! Many sunscreens come in easy roll-on or packets and for the shade: what’s your favorite: visor, sunhat, cap!

WATER: A refreshment stand may not always be there when you want it, carrying a small water bottle you can refill means you can have a sip of water when you need it most.

A Picture is STILL worth a thousand words…. take photos to remember what impressed you so much! Whether it’s a notebook, smart phone, tablet…. bring something to keep notes so you can jot down what you’ve seen, what you may want to research more, plug in contact information and more.

TOTE ME: Show sponsors often give away plastic totes to carry info in, and that may work for you but sometimes those plastic handles get tiring and hot and its hard to tell your tote apart from another. Bring a tote from home, a canvas boat bag, backpack or one of those handy foldable totes if you are a collector of hand outs and like to take your time reading through info later at home, with your feet up!

CHECK BOOK! If there is a possibility you will buy during a show his might come in handy, as some manufacturersoffer boat show specials. Buying a completed product can mean you are on the water sooner or present you with an option to keep boating while building your custom dreamboat, – the reasons are many. If you are dealing with a reputable manufacturer with an impeccable history of customer service – a show could be the place to make your decision! A check may hold a boat for you until other financial arrangements can be made – or your credit card for purchases of smaller items you can carry home or have delivered like safety equipment, clothing, water games!

DID I SEE IT ALL??? Did I? Did I miss anything???
Not every new or pre-owned brokerage opportunity is at the show; and as a broker, we often know of someone who is looking for a new boat but wants to sell their current boat first or is having a new boat built, and we know of an opportunity that will be on the horizon. A family business since 1953 we find the right #boat4you.

See you at the shows!