Not finding your dreamboat…
even after the Fort Lauderdale Show

Who you gonna call…Your team at Boston Yacht!

The Boston Yacht Sales Team!

International Boat shows can be overwhelming.
You can feel like you are on the spot to make up your mind ASAP
You try to organize your priorities vs unnecessary bells & whistles
Your focus can get clouded
And that causes some people to freeze

And that’s when you can miss an opportunity

Our Brokers know the questions to ask about
HOW and WHEN and WHERE you’ll use your boat
With a realistic lens

It’s NOT about what a Broker thinks will be good for you
OR what a Broker would like to say he sold

Actually, it’s not about the Broker at all.

It’s All About You.

Our success depends on you being happy with your choice

The Boston Yacht Sales Team!

Our Brokers take all the info, ask the pertinent questions,
your MUST HAVE list & Your DREAM list
Make the call, we’re ready to start the conversation to make your dream boat a reality

Scott Lucas 508-361-4870
Joyce Richards 617-633-1112
Andrew Savage 618-851-1133
Curt Jessup 508-400-5627

Michael Myers, Owner/Broker 781-264-5474