Once Upon a Time there was a Boat Parent…

actually there still is and in reality, there are many of them.  We think their story should be shared from time to time: you know, give them the recognition they so deserve!  Every boat starts with a build number, and our customers recently purchased a Sabre Yachts 42SE from one of our brokers, Joyce Richards. Designated on the build line as BB-103 – which is shorthand at the facility for a Sabre Yachts 42 Salon Express and it’s place in the build line up. The owners happen to be traveling during most of the build but that was not a problem because of our great Boat Parent. At the end of this article is the entire build album – and we will keep adding to it until she splashes on Cape Cod!

Sabre Yacht – Custom Orders or Stock Boats – The New Boat Build Process

“Hello, I’m your Sabre Yacht Boat Parent!” When we hear these words, all we can say at Boston Yacht Sales is THANK YOU!   Whether it’s for one of our stock boats or a custom order for a customer, everyone is always excited about a new build and we follow it from A to Z.

We visit several times during a build process, and with customers whenever possible.  Of course, we’d love to check-in on the process every day, every week, every step of the way, but that just isn’t possible.  Enter the “Boat Parent.”

Whenever an order is placed, Sabre has a long standing tradition of matching a selected employee to help represent everyone during the build and their value should never be underestimated.  Many times, brokers and customers visit the factory together; but there are those times a broker is not available.  For this build, our assigned boat parent was Tucker Thompson, from the Customer Service Department.

Tucker has been with Sabre Yachts for 15 years – definitely a parent with experience who steps seamlessly into his role.  “I love being a stand-in,” says Tucker. “It’s a thrill to check on a build, or if customers arrive on a day their broker can’t join in, to take them on the floor through the process to where their yacht is at that moment. The fact that I can assist our Dealers sales teams is important to me.”

Tucker explains the role this way, “I keep an eye on the boat throughout her life at Sabre, checking on her progress but leaving the build process to our experts. I often feel more like a grandparent than a parent.  I get to do all the fun stuff – head down to the floor and see what’s new, what’s been added and how she’s coming together.  So I’m part of the process, but mostly for the exciting moments and then I get to leave while the nitty gritty work “parenting “continues!”

There are two full time inspectors that continuously inspect all aspects of the build on the Sabre Quality Control team. One inspector focuses on the electrical and mechanical components and the other focuses on everything from structural integrity to the aesthetics.  Tucker explains “These inspectors work closely with the engineers to  keep on top of the latest proven technology changes in  the way we build boats and the equipment we install in them.”

Our Boat Parent is also an ombudsman; a link between us and the talented craftspeople building that boat piece by piece.  We know we have one person we can always call with a question or update. They love sending us photos as they watch their assigned boat completed right before their eyes, and we love sharing them with our customers.  Having a Boat Parent when we are often miles away, makes everyone feel a part of the team.

To date, Tucker Thompson has been a Boat Parent for almost 150 Sabre new boat builds.

“ I will be the first to admit,” he says with a slight smile “ I sometimes feel like a bad parent that I cannot remember all of the boats, but, that does not diminish the fact that I enjoyed each one at the time – and I am continually amazed at how well-orchestrated the build process is from start to finish. “

Tucker continues, “ Each build I have parented  has some unique qualities that reflect her owners.  A boat is more than a floating object.  It is a gathering place for families to bond, for couples to enjoy the beauty of what the coast has to offer, and for individuals to escape from their daily routines to relax.  As the boat parent we place emphasis on inspecting aspects of the boat that are important to these owners.  At the same time we remain vigilant inspecting the entire boat.  All of us live by the Sabre motto “crafted with fierce pride for those who value excellence.” Our customers expect the best and we deliver it consistently. We encourage our dealers and customers to visit the yard while their boat is being built and talk to the crafts people.  It is fun for owners to see how their boat is coming together and it is equally as fun for the Sabre associates to learn more about our owners.”

There are many involved in the building of each yacht; teams who are all crucial to the final product. These teams include the designers, engineers, electricians, individual craftspeople in each department, engine installers, the sales managers, customer service reps and more at Sabre; Our brokers, marine and interior design consultants at Boston Yacht Sales, the Boat Parent and of course, the owners.  So in this story – many people make it possible for the ending to be one of “happily ever after.”

Easy to understand why we are thrilled when our Boat Parent is assigned, right?  And this significant role is just one example of the pride Sabre takes in every boat the talented craftspeople make at the facility in Raymond, Maine.  Stay tuned for more stories on what goes on behind the scenes – and for more photos to be added on the final make ready, commissioning and delivery of this featured boat!